Lump-Sum Telecom Installation

Lump-Sum Telecom Installation

In the telecom field, COMAS is one of a few companies who has sufficient ability and experience in implementing the mass Lump-sum project, including:

             –    Logistics and export-import services

             –     Warehousing and transportation to site

             –     Survey, design and installation services

             –     Improving infrastructure service

             –     Providing materials and accessories for Base Transceiver Stations

             –     Installation and on-air of transmission network and 2G, 3G BTS

              –    Acceptance and handing over services

              –    Designing, testing and optimizing services for 2G and 3G BTS

When the partners need advice and solution proposed transmission network designed to operate most effectively, COMAS will be the most reliable partner. COMAS is willing to support and cooperate with the others in constructing, configuring and deploying the project. COMAS has experienced in operation, carrying out many large and small scale projects for years in the field of providing solutions for the design and supply microwave transmission equipment and optical transmission.